Definition of work (one hour). Define all tasks performed in the job of each individual machine.

2.Preventive and protective techniques specific to the job of each individual machine (eleven hours). Hazards associated with the following tasks:

a) Before starting work:
-          Revision of the machine before its implementation, including systems that affect safety.
-          Basic operations of maintenance.
-          Towing.
-          Access to the dump operator's position or point of maintenance.

b) During the work:
-          Start Engine & Machine Preparation for the execution of work.
-          Burden of material.
-          Transport material (movement in tracks).
-          Storage of material in bins.
-          Parking.
-          Loads of material in skips located at the front. .
-          Discharge of tailings and waste dump in slopes.
-          Circulation of tippers in access to work platforms.
-          Residual hazards associated with each particular machine, as specified in - the instructions for the machine.
-          Prevention and protection measures specified by the manufacturers of the equipment - to carry out maintenance.
-           Possible requirements or limitations imposed by the repairer and / or - keeping each individual machine.
-          Measures incorporated into the particular machine in case of matching - the provisions laid down in Annex I of Royal Decree 1215/1997.
-          Teams of collective and individual protection.
-           Emergency plan and evacuation.

 3. Equipment, tools or auxiliary means of each machine (three hours):


-          General knowledge of the machine.
-          Technical limitations in the intended use of the machine, according to manufacturer's specifications.
-          Elements and safety systems associated with the machine:
-          Safety Locks, Mechanical locking of the tilt controls.
-          Locks of transmission.
-          Pressure and temperature of the hosts.
-          Guards of belts and fans.
-           Indicators and hazard warning.
-          Audible reverse.
-          Seatbelt and anchors.
-          Emergency brake.
-          Lighting and display devices.
-          Mirrors.
-          Additional security locks existing in the dump, mechanical lock box, lock-joint mechanical chassis and transmission blocking unloading.
-          Dirección de emergencia en volquetes.
-          Emergency Management dumpers.
-          Protection Structures ROPS / FOPS in dump trucks.
-          Heating system of the dump box.
-          Safety Mirrors dumpers.

4 Control and surveillance of the workplace and its environment (two hours). Knowledge of safety devices for controlling and monitoring the operation of the machine:

-          Pressure gauges.
-          Thermometers.
-          Level indicators.
-          Panel of sound and light alarms.
-          Charging indicator.
-          Control of the swingarm.
-          Control and monitoring of the workplace as internal procedures.

5. Interference with other activities (two hours). Protocols / procedures when performing work simultaneously, in particular:

-           Load on the proximity of other vehicles, machinery or personnel.
-          Procedures for secure communication with people abroad (receipt of work orders).
-          Traffic tracks, access and operational fronts.

6. Standards and Laws (one hour). Law 31/1995 of November 8, prevention of occupational risks: the rights and obligations.

-           Internal security arrangements.
-          Internal security arrangements.

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