CTIBA included in its policy solidarity programs and commitment to the less developed countries through actions carried out in collaboration with NGOs. Promotes corporate volunteerism and involvement of the company the benefit of a more just world. Some of the main objectives of CTIBA SL are:

- Contributing to the eradication of poverty by actively participating in the development of the poorest communities of the Developing Countries through collaboration agreements with NGOs and gifts.
- Emphasize to clients and employees as a company committed to developing a fairer society.
- Yield 0.7% of annual turnover of the company shares or cooperation projects. Aware that the lack of access to technology and expertise can conjvertirse a determining factor for the development of poor countries, the technical staff has participated CTIBA selflessly in the formulation and implementation of these projects carried out by ONG Veïns Sense Fronteres
- Collaboration of professionals in the exploration project "Towards sustainable tourism", Burundi – Tanzania – RD del Congo
- Project Self-build housing in the community-Gika Vyegwa Pygmy "Burundi. - Collaboration of professionals in the training project "Education for sustainable development" Burundi - Tanzania.

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