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Solar Thermal Energy

Solar Thermal Energy:What is it?

The thermal energy (heat) from the sun reaches the sensors, heating the fluid flowing inside (water with antifreeze). This energy as hot water is exchanged to another circuit that is accumulated in a storage tank until it could be used, usually as hot water (DHW).

Advantages of the Solar Thermal Energy

Energy Saving Hot Water in hotels and isolated. Reduce the costs of heat source, either oil, natural gas or electricity by 60-70% each year. It heats water for hot water, auxiliary heating and air conditioning of swimming pools. A hotel with a capacity of 400 persons (580 m2 of collectors) can prevent 128 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Grants of the Solar Thermal Energy

Currently there are no subsidies for solar photovoltaic installations.

Video of the conference organized by and the Chamber of Commerce: "How to achieve competitiveness with sustainable concepts in luxury spas

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Video of iterview for hosteltur TV, broadcasts on CANAL 4 17-2-2010



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